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Heritage Places in Nabadwip


Heritage Places in Nabadwip


Ballal Dhipi বল্লাল ঢিপি
Ballal Dhipi

Ballal Dhipi (বল্লাল ঢিপি) is a historic archeological site Located near Bamanpukur Bazar, east part of Nabadwip. Archaeological Survey of India excavated the mound, during 1982-1988.

Kolerdanga Mandir
Kolerdanga Mandir

Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math (Kolerdanga Mandir) is a Holy Temple, established in 1941. Kolerdanga Mandir is a beautiful and peaceful tourist destination.

Manipur Rajbari Nabadwip
Manipur Rajbari

In 1797 Maharaja Bhagya Chandra Singh undertook a pilgrimage to Nabadwip and built a temple, popularly known as ‘Anu Mahaprabhu Mandir’, inside ‘Manipur Rajkunja’.

নবদ্বীপ সাধারণ গ্রন্থাগার - Nabadwip Sadharan Granthagar - Nabadwip Public Library
Nabadwip Sadharan Granthagar

Nabadwip Public Library (নবদ্বীপ সাধারণ গ্রন্থাগার) was started in 1907. In 1914, with the financial help of Manindra Chandra Nandi, a new library building was built.

Narahari Dham Ashram 60 ft Mahaprabhu 
Narahari Dham Ashram

Narahari Dham Ashram is one of the spiritual centers in Nabadwip. The main attraction of this site is the 60ft. fiber statue of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Neemai Janmasthan Ashrama
Neemai Janmasthan Assram

Janmasthan Assram (জন্মস্থান আশ্রম) is the actual birthplace of Mahaprabhu Sri Sri Gouranga (Nimai) later known as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu according to archaeological evidence.

Poramatala - পোড়ামাতলা

Poramatala is one of the sacred religious centers in Navadwip. In 2019, Poramatala got a Heritage tag. Goddess Porama is housed in the cavity of a banyan tree.