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Famous Places to Visit in Nabadwip

Famous Places to Visit in Nabadwip Search Filter:Reset Kolerdanga MandirSri Chaitanya Saraswat Math (Kolerdanga Mandir) is a Holy Temple, established in 1941. Kolerdanga Mandir is a beautiful and peaceful tourist destination. Manipur RajbariIn 1797 Maharaja Bhagya Chandra Singh undertook a pilgrimage to Nabadwip and built a temple, popularly known as ‘Anu Mahaprabhu Mandir’, inside ‘Manipur

Government Offices in Nabadwip

Government Offices in Nabadwip Search Nabadwip Municipality Nabadwip Municipality is the self-governing and urban local body of Nabadwip. Town Committee was established on 1st April 1869. Nabadwip Police Station Nabadwip Police Station is situated on Bowbazar Road. Nabadwip Police Station covers a total area of ​​102.94 km. Nabadwip State General Hospital Nabadwip State General Hospital
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